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Webinar "Leveraging DPI to Monitor NFV Infrastructure"

On May, 17th, we are about to have our first international webinar.

Nicolas-Bouthors-Qosmos_Web.jpgNicolas Bouthors, CTO at Qosmos Solutions, will speak on Leveraging DPI to Monitor NFV.
As a part of the webinar, he is going to describe how VPP-based SDN/NFV network deployments can benefit from flow-based network monitoring and demonstrate how a network monitoring infrastructure can be built in such an environment, seamlessly collecting historical data in a traffic matrix and how troubleshooting can leverage the detailed analysis enabled by Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

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About the company:
Qosmos, a division of Enea, leads the market for IP traffic classification and network intelligence technology used in physical, SDN and NFV architectures. The company supplies software to vendors who embed real-time application visibility in their products for traffic optimization, service chaining, quality of service, analytics, cyber security and more. Qosmos customers benefit from fast time to market and continuous signature updates for their products. As the leading supplier of IP traffic classification and network intelligence software, Qosmos contributes actively to open source projects and international standards, and serves 75% of the market.

About the speaker:
Nicolas Bouthors leads Qosmos' technology strategy, driving the company's initiatives in open and virtualized networks. He contributes to standards bodies such as ONF SDN, ETSI NFV and IETF SFC, and Open Source Projects centred around Network Virtualization. Nicolas has spent over 20 years in the telecommunications and information systems field. Early in his career, he was instrumental in creating HP's OpenCall business. Then as the R&D manager of Inovatel, the advanced research organization of SFR, Nicolas led several innovative projects highlighting the impact of internet technologies on Mobile Operators. Nicolas was also CTO and founder of Volubill (2001), a company building a Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) product for the Mobile Network Market. Volubill was a spinoff of the work he led as R&D Manager of Cegetel's Internet research lab. Nicolas holds several patents relating to Mobile Data Charging. Nicolas has an engineering degree from the French schools Ecole Polytechnique and Les Mines de Paris.