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The Impact of Open Networking on the Industry

MLemay.jpgMathieu Lemay, CEO Inocybe Technologies, covers techniques and information, from risk analysis to ROI as well as present some tools and case studies that will help internal decision makers to make the case for using, leveraging or deploying OpenDaylight in their organization. While Open Source is growing in popularity and being adopted more and more in large organization there still are a few managers that are reluctant about the hidden costs to Open Source and more specifically OpenDaylight in their organization. It is still easier to justify buying an off-the shelf vendor product that will solve that particular need. The purpose of this talk is to give the audience everything they need to be able to successfully get the budgets and justify leveraging the OpenDaylight platform in their organization from the membership to the production support.



Abour company:
From the dataplane to applications, Inocybe Technologies provides unified open source networking solutions around technologies such as OpenDaylight,, ONAP and PNDA. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open source software to OpenDaylight, Inocybe has helped build, deploy and support industry leading open networking products and services in production. For additional information follow us @inocybetech or visit:

About speaker:
Mathieu Lemay is CEO of Inocybe Technologies, a company funded in 2005, a SDN pioneer and now specializing in Real World OpenDaylight-based deployment solutions, training and services and CTO of Civimetrix Telecom a company deploying Open Access Networks. Mathieu has more than 20 years of experience in information technology. At the age of 10 he was programming C++, ADA and x86 ASM and then got involved in networking from the early Bulletin Board Systems to the first commodity Internet. He earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Wireless and Optical Telecommunications. Inocybe Technologies has been a member of OpenDaylight since June 2013 and Mathieu is currently a committer to the Docs and Reservation projects. After 9 years at being CEO, Mathieu has acquired intensive knowledge business administration.