Internet Technologies of the New Generation

researches in the area of computer networks and internet technologies in Russia, developement of the most breakthrough computer networks technologies of the new generation

ARCCN presented its solutions to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Startup Village, the largest start-up conference of Eastern Europe, took place on 2 and 3 June at the territory of the Innovation Centre Skolkovo. The event was attended by over 12 thousand people, which is an absolute record for this event.

The event focuses on communication of start-up founders with successful entrepreneurs, large industrialists, investors, government officials, as well as with each other. The conference was held on the open air and on the future site of the city of Skolkovo, therefore each participant could personally observe the on-going construction of the first innovation centre in Russia. This year’s conference was attended by more than 2000 start-up projects and about 500 investors.

Non-profit Partnership «Applied Research Centre for Computer Networks» (ARCCN) is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and takes part in the Startup Village for the second time. This year we presented our solutions in the field of computer networks of the new generation as a part of «Startup Bazaar» exhibition.

ARCCN is a unique project of Skolkovo Foundation IT cluster. We have a research centre that creates new technology companies within itself. At the moment there are two start-ups based on our solutions:

  • WiMark Systems focuses on Wi-Fi network management, security, enhanced network planning and cloud Wi-Fi. It provides a software solution for unified management of high-density wireless networks by using a sophisticated control of radio, network and authentication parameters and gives customers a better and more cost-effective Wi-Fi with multiple ways to generate revenue through various Wi-Fi Location Based and Value Added Services (WVAS). WiMark intends to eliminate closed, hardware-based WLAN controllers from the network, thereby eliminating the scale limitations and enabling management and control of the multivendor Wi-Fi Access Points (APs).
  • NFWare provides high performance Network Functions Virtualization technologies and solutions which merge agility and low costs attributes with carrier grade capabilities needed for service providers and data centres. By leveraging NFV technologies it helps to reduce TCO and achieve operational efficiencies while accelerating new service deployment.

ARCCN has also created an SDN-controller RUNOS (RUssian Networks Operation Systems). Another important solution is SOC, a platform for logical consolidation of DC’s resources to unified virtualized infrastructure known as a cloud. This platform provides specialized services, such as: public cloud services, effective deployment models, logical consolidation of all DC resources (computational, storage, networking) into virtualized infrastructure under centralized control, IaaS and PaaS, network services dependent on the automatized infrastructure control. These solutions have already been successfully tested in Rostelecom, Voentelekom, Rostec and others.


3 June 2015, our solutions were presented to Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

ARCCN director Ruslan Smelyanskiy told Dmitry Medvedev, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Board RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais, the leadership of Skolkovo Foundation and journalists about the opportunities, enabled by the new generation of computer networks and about import substitution in the field of IT. Ruslan Smelyanskiy asked Medvedev to promote the creation of a virtual testing ground for our development. The Prime Minister supported this proposal.

ARCCN stand
ARCCN stand
ARCCN team
ARCCN team