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NFWARE solution has been installed in the European operator’s network in FUTURE TELECOM


On October, 8th NFWAre (ARCCN spin-off) and Spanish telecom operator Futura Telecom signed a contract to implement NFWare solution vCGNAT into Futura Telecom’s network.

CGNAT has been successfully tested and has now been implemented into the actual network and already handles user traffic.

Virtual Carrier Grade NAT is a solution created to solve the problem of the IP addresses shortage. vCGNAT lets operators to extend the use of the limited IPv4 address space by using functional translation of private IP-addresses into public IP-addresses of a particular pool.

The solution is completely virtual and runs on a hypervisor. Through vCGNAT such services as Internet access, IPTV, Internet telephony are provided.

«The implementation of our solution in Future Telecom is an important step for our company, and we are particularly pleased that the innovative solutions of Russian developers can successfully compete in foreign markets with traditional telecom equipment vendors», — commented the deal NFWAre director Alexander Britkin.

NFWAre appeared in 2014 on the basis Applied Research Centre of Computer Networks. Currently NFWare is also involved in projects with several national operators in Russia, Europe and Asia.

NFWare virtualizes IP Core/Edge network elements and makes them running without loss of performance on standard x86 servers instead of dedicated proprietary hardware. For carriers this approach enables significant cost reduction, service agility and deployment flexibility that cannot be achieved based on a hardwa
re model.