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ARCCN at Russian Open Source Summit (Ross) 2016

The seventh annual Russian Open Source Summit (ROSS) 2016 took place on April 5, 2016 at the Azimut Moscow Olimpic. The event was organized by the weekly IT magazine PC Week / RE. The Summit was attended by over 400 specialists from different branches of commercial companies and state organizations, developers of Open Source solutions, system integrators and service providers.

In the world, Open Source it is an important part of the concept of the IT development, while in Russia open source software (OSS) has become an essential component of the strategy of import substitution. Despite the fact that the market is still under development and the difficulties can not be avoided, more and more companies from all over the country are turning their eyes towards Open Source, and many open source projects have already been implemented and make a profit.

The summit began with a plenary session and panel discussion where representatives of authorities responsible for informatization and leading IT companies (SUSE CIS, Red Hat, Samsung Electronics and others.) shared their vision of prospects and possible difficulties of using Open Source in Russia.

Алексадр Шалимов 2016

As part of one of the sections of the Summit, Alexander Shalimov, ARCCN, talked on «SDN and NFV technologies: research directions, standardization, Open Source-communities.» Alexander talked about how and why SDN & NFV open up new possibilities for network implementation, while allowing to reduce OPEX and CAPEX, improve profitability, and reduce time-to-market. The report also notes, in what way the development of these new technologies may work in relation to Open Source in the world and in Russia, and what companies are already developing such solutions.

Alexander Shalimov also presented the high performance SDN/OpenFlow controller — RUNOS. The controller is designed by ARCCN team based on the experience from comparative analysis of about thirty OpenFlow-controllers that existed at that time. Easy-to-use version of RUNOS (which is available on contains the following functionality: advanced scheduling algorithms, wide northbound interfaces, ability to run multiple applications. Various control applications are available for these controllers: L2 / L3 routing with quality of service, multi-path routing, ACL filtering, traditional protocols proxies (ARP, DNS, DHCP, and BGP), network address translation (NAT), load balancing, network virtualization, anti-DDOS, network verification, integration with OpenStack. RUNOS for operators provides L2 connectivity services: pseudo wires/VPNs, paths reservation, load balancing, hierarchical QoS, multicast, high availability, etc.

You can FIND his presentation at the ROSS-2016 web-site.