Internet Technologies of the New Generation

researches in the area of computer networks and internet technologies in Russia, developement of the most breakthrough computer networks technologies of the new generation

SDN-based Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is currently gaining more and more popularity. Briefly, it is an increase in the number of devices interacting not only with users but also with each other.

Now, IoT consists of weakly interconnected separate networks. For example, in a modern car multiple networks operate: the first one controls the operation of the engine, the second one – its security systems, the third one is responsible for communication, etc. In offices and residential buildings multiple networks are set to manage heating, ventilation, air conditioning, telephone communication, safety, lighting. With the development of IoT, these and many other networks are to be connected to each other to get more opportunities in the field of security, intelligence and control.

Internet of Things offers new challenges for developers of software for computing and network infrastructure. IoT involves the interaction of many different network applications that communicate with each other through both wired and wireless networks.

IoT requires a high degree of integration with support for multiple communication standards, as well as effective security solutions that combine reliable data protection and high energy-efficiency.
It is worth mentioning also the concept of IoT Cloud, whose architecture should be based on innovative SDN&NFV technologies (Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization).

Areas of research:

  • Development of a high-level support system for devices and IoT applications in a distributed heterogeneous cloud environment;
  • Development of components of a virtual network management system between devices and IoT applications based on the SDN controller;
  • Support of IoT devices (and of existing IoT standards) for ARCCN own solutions based on Open Source software in order to adapt IoT infrastructure for a virtualized management system and network services orchestration.