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CloudConductor: NFV platform developed with ETSI NFV MANO reference model

CloudConductor (C2) is an NFV platform developed with ETSI NFV MANO reference model. Its functionality is enough to perform service management in both telecom clouds and enterprise clouds. Developed virtual network services management and orchestration modules and special planning algorithms of data centers physical infrastructure resources can achieve a high efficiency of C2 and reduce overhead costs to support scalability and availability of network services.

Modern telecommunications mostly consist of proprietary equipment, which is highly specialized and used to perform unique functions. The introduction of any new service leads to installation of new equipment in order to support the required functionality and its configuration. In addition to high CAPEX and OPEX, this approach does not allow dynamical scaling of the service, its auto configuration, as well as maintenance of its efficiency and efficient use of resources. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) can solve these problems.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) means separation of network functions from the hardware they are installed on, using the approach called “virtualization of physical resources”.

The life cycle of a virtual network function covers all stages of the existence of a function from its creation to its disposal. This life cycle includes function’s setting, monitoring of its main performance indicators, and changes of its software configuration (which is also a part of the function) according to changes in the state of this function (for example, unavailable function or overloaded function).

The main goal of the cloud platform C2 is to manage the complete life cycle of virtual network services in a data center. A detailed scheme of the cloud platform C2 is shown in the picture. The elements corresponding to ETSI NFV MANO model are highlighted with grey, to C2 platform modules - with blue.


The platform can be used in both telecom clouds and enterprise clouds. To solve the problem of marking the input and the output traffic, a specialized module was implemented to provide transparent communication between a client and virtual network functions, located in a cloud. This functionality can be used while implementing vCPE use cases.

Currently, C2 platform is unique, as in any public sources no solutions with similar characteristics were presented, apart from the Cloudify project (partly). In this project overhead costs of scaling and network functions recovery, as well as overhead costs to build the network functions chains, are analysed. The full life cycle of the network functions is also supported.