Internet Technologies of the New Generation

researches in the area of computer networks and internet technologies in Russia, developement of the most breakthrough computer networks technologies of the new generation

NFWare: High-performance NFV solutions for telecom operators and enterprise

This research area was spinned-off into startup NFWare launched in 2014 by ARCCN.

NFWare develops solutions for telecom operators and enterprise. Using NFV and SDN technologies, NFWare helps to transform the network infrastructure using software and fully virtualized solutions instead of specialized network hardware.

NFWare solutions help telecom operators to reduce dependence on network equipment vendors, to transfer part of network functions from specialized equipment to virtual environment, and to reduce costs without compromising processing speed.

NFWare solutions run on standard servers and do not require special equipment. They can also run on a "pay as you use" basis. In this case, operators pay only for actually processed data measured in number of processors, gigabits, or requests per second.


  • Virtual Carrier Grade NAT (vCGNAT) is a solution created to solve the problem of the IP addresses exhaustion. vCGNAT lets operators to extend the use of the limited IPv4 address space by using functional translation of private IP-addresses into public IP-addresses of a particular pool. The solution is virtual and runs on a hypervisor. Through vCGNAT such services as Internet access, IPTV, and Internet telephony are provided. 
  • NFWare Virtual Load Balancer is a software load-balancing solution that provides industry highest performance and rich functionality. For high-loaded projects, it allows to significantly increase speed and use less hardware. Unlike any existing software solutions, NFWare has much better performance and lower latency.

NFWare is a resident of IT cluster of Skolkovo Foundation. 

In October 2015, NFWAre and Spanish telecom operator Futura Telecom signed a contract to implement NFWare solution vCGNAT into Futura Telecom’s network. CGNAT has been successfully tested and has now been implemented into the actual network and already handles user traffic.

Also in 2015, the company has attracted funding from top VC investors including Telefonica, Almaz Capital and Maxfield Capital. Total round amounted to 500 thousand dollars. Earlier this year, NFWare received a grant of 5 million rubles from Skolkovo Foundation. The funds were used for completion of the commercial version of the product and the expansion of the development team.

Startup is also a finalist and a winner of numerous international awards and competitions.

Official web site of NFware