Internet Technologies of the New Generation

researches in the area of computer networks and internet technologies in Russia, developement of the most breakthrough computer networks technologies of the new generation

RunSDN: data networks based on SDN and NFV technologies

RunSDN develops software solutions for implementation, management and monitoring of SDN and NFV-based clouds. Leading Russian telecom operators, such as Rostelecom and Voentelekom, have already approved RunSDN solutions in their networks.

All-in-one RunSDN solutions deliver a comprehensive network orchestration and service delivery software platform for multi-vendor physical and virtual network infrastructure that automates service provisioning simplifies network management and facilitates the seamless transition to modern technologies. It enables Service Providers to control and orchestrate Customer’s traffic and provide additional per-Customer network services.

Solution components interact with each other using standard protocols and may be used in combination with other vendors’ solutions.

RunSDN Solutions:

RunOS is the most efficient and fastest experimentally approved controller. RunOS provides flexible and convenient system for new network applications development.
Key features:
  • Conflict control system in the network applications rules;
  • Highest performance;
  • Administrator’s GUI;
  • Wide range of network services and applications for data transport networks.
Cloud Conductor (C2) is a unique cloud service-oriented platform for creation, management and monitoring of virtual infrastructure and the life cycle of a virtual network function (VNF) with NFV support.

C2 consists of:
  • OpenStack components;
  • RunOS SDN controller;
  • Orchestrator and scheduler of the physical resources;
  • Physical resource management system.

C2 platform meets the needs of the clients:
  • Maintain different virtual network topologies;
  • Support Network SLA, such as latency, capacity, etc., and guarantee compliance.
  • IaaS/PaaS modes support;
  • Mapping virtual objects onto physical recourses of DC with maximum efficiency;
  • Unified scheduling and management of geographically distributed DC;
  • Multi hypervisor manager;
  • Role-based access system for administrating the platform;
  • Online resource quotas management, distributed between projects and users in a cloud.
RunAR is an OpenFlow software switch for SDN. RunAR can significantly reduce the cost of creation and maintaining data infrastructure, makes a network more flexible, accelerates time-to-market for new services, adding support of a new data transfer protocols or a new network service by updating the software without changing the hardware.

RunAR can be used in traditional networks, since it supports traditional protocols as well.

RunAR runs on standard x86 servers with a set of network adapters, so that RunAR performance is limited only by capabilities of its hardware platform. Specialized Intel DPDK technology ensures optimal processing and switching of data packets for the best possible performance. The software switch supports up to 24x1Gbps and 12x10Gbps ports with a total guaranteed bandwidth 80Gbps per device.

RunDR is an OpenFlow-switch based on a network processor. In contrast to the standard ASIC approach, using the network processor has a number of advantages:
  • Adding new functionality with the software update without hardware change; 
  • Adaptation according to the requirements of any potential customer;
  • 5-level hierarchical scheduling;
  • WFQ, Strict Priority, WRED, Shaping (CIR, PIR), per flow metering, marking, policing support.
For more information, please, visit RunSDN official website.