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WiMark: virtualized Wi-Fi management functions that can be run across commodity hardware

Wireless networks often operate in high density of equipment. They are usually surrounded by 25-30 other wireless networks and even within one office dozens of access points (APs) can hear each other and interfere with each other. Currently such networks operate with restrictions, but we tend to believe that these networks should not be considered crippled. To avoid this, you need to manage all access points centrally.

WiMark creates virtual network functions for management of Wi-Fi networks. Our clients are Telco Operators and ISPs that want to provide Wi-Fi as a service for their clients. WiMark’s solution - The Virtual Universal Wi-Fi Controller WiMark (vUWC) - is a software for centralized Wi-Fi network management that can easily replace high priced hardware WLAN controllers without decreasing the quality of service and compromising functionality of network. Working process of vUWC based on the adaptive Radio Resources Management (RRM) algorithm.

Virtual Universal Wi-Fi Controller WiMark has been successfully tested at the conference Startup Village in Skolkovo.

WiMark solution is based on the proprietary technologies such as virtual Wi-Fi Controller, which enables to centrally manage multi-tennant Wi-Fi networks from the data center where the controller is deployed. The virtual Wi-Fi controller is intended to eliminate the proprietary hardware controllers in a wireless network deployed on the each tenant site, thereby eliminates the scale limitations. Wi-Fi Controller to manage by hundreds and thousands of middle-class access points from different vendors at the same time. The solution provides a highly efficient wireless communication with improved quality of service (QoS) and excellent seamless mobility, especially when the WiMark Wi-Fi Controller is working in couple with any SDN controller.

  • high performance — 30% faster than network default Wi-Fi configuration;
  • cost-efficient — use low-cost hardware without losing performance;
  • centralized control — one place to manage, provision and control;
  • easily scalable — extend your network without pain;
  • vendor agnostic — no vendor lock-in;
  • improved RRM management — resolve all radio problems;
  • seamless roaming — high-end mobility;
  • fully virtual — software runs on common server platforms;
  • NFV/SDN-ready — prepared for next generation networks.

In October 2014, WiMark Systems became a Skolkovo resident.

In November 2014, at the closed Beeline exhibition WiMark Systems presented a prototype of WiMark Content Injector (works together with Wi-Fi controller). As a result, a decision was made on a joint pilot project on the territory of one of Beeline clients. Beeline, WiMark Systems and Russian manufacturer of access points launched a joint project in order to develop an integrated solution.

In January 2015, WiMark Wi-Fi Controller was successfully tested in laboratory of ROSTELECOM (one of the largest Russian operators).  It was recommended for the implementation of broadband wireless access to the Internet from the Rostelecom universal communication services.

Also in 2015, WiMark Systems received a mini-grant of $ 5 million rubles from the Skolkovo Floundation and 1 million rubles from the private investor and ARCCN CEO Ruslan Semlyanskiy.

For mor information. please, visit WiMark Systems official web site.